Gala Limón is a message of freedom and consciousness, each work has a story, a thought an opinion trying to sow power in each one of us, remembering the illimited scope of human spirit.

Life itself is a great mystery, a miracle a fortune. I am amazed by the everything, the nothing, God, cartoons, dust, tricks of light, and human experiences that are lived outside the logic, such as living love and the geniality in madness. Nature, science and its surprises, the ingenious of a child not to mention accidental poetry or chilaquiles in the morning after a hangover. Chiapas cheese spread over a Sope and Paris smelling like coffee right in the corner.

Brand expresses through an eclectic style an attitude of gratitude, joy and celebration. A new vision of elegance and femininity, which visits the past and the future by the experimentation on biotechnology and new processes in blend with the artisanal textile heritage displayed in an avant-garde portrait of new silhouettes and mixes. Exploration and transformation is the only commitment. LIVE!

Gala Limón Mexican Fashion Designer Bio | Moda lúdica con Narrativa Metafísica
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